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Our vehicles are specially mounted, and they suit to every security term, so by them all the services for which license for dangerous goods transportation is needed is possible.
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Passenger Transportation
I hope you will like our competitive prices, ambitious buses, and the good quality of our services we guarantee.
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Some words about our company

The history of our company goes back till 1947, when the father of the owner, initiated it.

In the deed of foundation wich we still own, the main profile of the company was the commerce ,if we want to say it more correctly the potato commerce.  But also, the transportation, was already written  as a second profile of the company.

When it came the time of the generation turnout, in 1979, the firm got a huge buoyancy, after a few years, he recognised that his range of transportation, is a lot bigger then its needed for his own commerce, so he started to transport for other companys as well.

He bought his first truck in 1988, wich was a Liaz and it could handel 24 tonnas.  But of course it was driven by József Tóth, the owner of the company. After one year he bought his second truck. This one allready had a thermo trailer. And its became the main profile of the company from this days on.

The year  1991 brought a big change in the life of the firm, because this was that year, when we started the transportation internationaly , and our plant became  much more bigger.

Our attributes:

The age of our  trucks are more or less 5- 6 years.

The goods   we cary are, usally goods for wich need thermo trailer, like medicine, meet, vegetable, fruit, tyre, and go on.

Our main blanks are: Russia, Belorusia, Ukrain, Romania…

Our farest, and most interesting places where we transported were Taskent, Alma Ata, Baku, Jereván, and Barnaul.